Founded for the prosperity of Nepalese human trafficking victims, and its prevention.

Garden of Nepal is an online shop founded by the Nepalese Devi Nepali and her American associate, Bobbie Richards of the TheoEco Institute, a 501(c)(3) organization. All products sold through Garden of Nepal are crafted by Nepalese human trafficking victims that have been rescued from brothels in India and elsewhere. Devi Nepali, her husband Kishan and their colleagues give these women the valuable skills they need to support themselves, many of them being trafficked at young ages and not having the necessary education to find jobs and live freely. Teaching these women to make jewelry, soap, and other cosmetics allows them to find adequate employment in their country of Nepal, rather than having to relocate to another country or resort back to their former situation.

Proceeds made from the sale of these products go straight back to our efforts of employing and assisting these women.

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